Beautiful garden setting of outdoor wedding ceremony


All I gotta say is Twogether Events is THE BEST!!! They made my wedding this past Sunday as good as I had dreamed about. I'm an extremely picky person and I did some major research online before I decided upon Twogether Events (their competitors were no match at all...) Well I called up Sherrien and we arranged to meet at a small cafe. From there, I chose their week of wedding coordinating since we were two months away from from our wedding and I pretty much had an idea of what I wanted. Sherrien set me up with Alisha Hung who is this company's gem. We sent emails back and forth and she gave me some ideas, but it wasn't until the last week and half that she really stepped in and got everything moving along. She met with me 3 times total. The first time to go over my wedding timeline, second time for our rehearsals, and the third was when I dropped off my favors and everything else for the wedding. She was EXTREMELY organized and made sure all the vendors were on the same page. So then, wedding day comes and it was perfect!!! Words cannot express how thankful I am to Sherrien our bilingual MC who brought some excitement during the reception and pretty Alisha who worked her magic and set up everything as I would have done so myself. During all the hustle and bustle of the ceremony, picture taking, and dress changing, Alisha was there to make sure everything went according to our timeline and that all my concerns were addressed. She is really beyond professional!!! ;) Needless to say I am a very happy bride!