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  • We were so happy and satisfied with wedding planning service from Twogether Events. As our main wedding coordinator, Sherrien is very professional, knowledgeable and well-organized. During our six-month wedding planning, Sherrien always kindly gave us a lot of great and useful ideas and suggestions for wedding. Sherrien explained us many details and reasons why she feel this was good for us by WeChat or email even in the midnight. In our wedding day, everything was well-organized and followed the timeline. She wrapped up everything before our wedding and gave us and other bridesmaids ' morning call to ensure all of us get up on time. My wedding dress was too long and heavy to walk, but Sherrien helped to carry my dress and made me relaxed. We received a lot if compliments from a lot of our guests. They feel our wedding was very successful and warm hearted. I will highly recommend to hire Sherrien as your wedding coordinator or MC! Thank you Sherrien!
  • WeChat Post; 回顾婚礼当天的点点滴滴,如同梦境一般~从开始策划到练舞,从彩排到正式开始都是美好的回忆啊!再次感谢我们强大的婚庆团队所有工作人员以及非常给力的伴郎伴娘团和婚礼当天鼎力相助的朋友们让这个特比的日子变得更加温馨难忘!谢谢水姐把我们领入婚庆行业,这期间认识不少新的朋友也是缘分~以后周边需要举办婚礼的朋友都会推荐一下!