Angie & Teddy's Post Ceremony Photo


I met Sherrien when I was a groom's men for my cousin's wedding a few years back and decided to go with her for my own wedding for this past weekend since she is fluent in both Chinese and English. Definitely the best decision. My wife and I procrastinated a lot and Sherrien was always there to remind us of the things that needed to be done and kept us organized. Since I work really late, I sometimes didn't get around to working on the wedding until really late at night and was very surprised that she was there for us answering our questions in a very timely fashion. Also since my wife is Korean and I am Chinese, our wedding was packed with cultural components which all went really well and the whole day and night went by without any hiccups. We have received so many compliments from our family and attendees and many were regarding Sherrien's professionalism.

The highlights of working with Sherrien:

  • She officiated the ceremony in both Chinese and English
  • She handled distracting jokes from groomsmen by being able to throw jokes back
  • She got ours back and stood up for us when vendors didn't perform
  • She pick vendors that were not only good, but also matched with our personality and wedding style
  • She did such a good job now my wife wants to go work for her

All in all, if you are going to get married, call Sherrien.