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  • We were so happy and satisfied with wedding planning service from Twogether Events. As our main wedding coordinator, Sherrien is very professional, knowledgeable and well-organized. During our six-month wedding planning, Sherrien always kindly gave us a lot of great and useful ideas and suggestions for wedding. Sherrien explained us many details and reasons why she feel this was good for us by WeChat or email even in the midnight. In our wedding day, everything was well-organized and followed the timeline. She wrapped up everything before our wedding and gave us and other bridesmaids ' morning call to ensure all of us get up on time. My wedding dress was too long and heavy to walk, but Sherrien helped to carry my dress and made me relaxed. We received a lot if compliments from a lot of our guests. They feel our wedding was very successful and warm hearted. I will highly recommend to hire Sherrien as your wedding coordinator or MC! Thank you Sherrien!
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Sherrien 你的能力和敬业让我们所有人佩服。还有你有一个非常棒的团队,娘子军但是一个比一个能干。我们都好感动。保持联络吧!我会在以后的日子里不断地向身边人讲述我这场婚礼,并推荐你们的! 👍👍



We are very grateful to have Sherrien and her assistants at our wedding. Her team was on point, we didn't worry about anything and just enjoyed our night. She also MC'd in English and Mandarin with an energetic and bubbly presence on stage. There were some minor issues with differences in tastes during the planning process but in the end, she executed things flawlessly. She was always very timely in her responses to emails which is so important. Would definitely recommend Twogether Events, she knows her stuff!

Xiaoting &Adams Tie the Knot


We hired Sherrien to be our officiant, and she couldn't have done a better job. She was very organized in helping us to plan our ceremony, and incorporated Chinese into our ceremony for us (my wife is Chinese, so many members of her family don't speak English). After this, I really wish we had hired her to plan and coordinate the wedding. While our wedding ultimately went off without any problems, we planned the wedding ourselves, and this was an extremely stressful experience. I probably would've enjoyed the experience of planning our wedding more if we had hired someone like Sherrien to plan it. For those looking to get married, the first thing you should do his hire this team. They are top notch!

Destination Wedding in LA


Sherrien Shui is extremely experienced on all types of wedding planning. My wife and I were apart in different states (CA and NJ) and both of us were working so it was nearly impossible to prepare our wedding without Sherrien's help. It was very easy to work with Sherrien because she was very responsible and could pick up our thought very quickly. She is so experienced so she knew exactly what we wanted and provided so many ideas that we had never thought of. She always considered the best interest of her client by explaining the pros and cons for each idea during the course of planning so we felt very secure.

Our wedding was incredibly gorgeous and full of touching moments. We received tremendous amount of compliments from our guests. Sherrien also did an amazing job being our reception emcee. Khanh and Polly were so helpful taking care of a lot of coordination works and being our wedding day coordinators. Overall we had a very pleasant experience working with Twogether Events. We will definitely recommend Twogether Events to other people!

Golf Themed Wedding


Because we both live in Suzhou, China, we asked our parents to find a wedding planner in LA for us. Sherrien was referred to our parents by several friends. During the entire planning process, Sherrien managed different time zones, spent countless hours communicating with us via WeChat to make sure she understood our ideas and vision. After she learned we met at a golf course, she found a perfect venue for us that matched our love story and our parents requirement - Chinese food. She created a golf themed wedding with our choice of colors and style. She hand picked a very professional wedding team for us. From makeup artist, photographer, videographer, live band, florist, DJ, lighting, wedding favors and invitations...we are very satisfied with her assistance. In order to save us cost and also make sure our parents can understand, she also work as an officiant and MC at our wedding translating everything in English and Mandarin Chinese. Our families and friends all praised about our wedding and happy with their service. We truly appreciate Sherrien and her team's dedication and...

Betty & Tony's Wedding at Castle Green in Pasadena


Sherrien coordinated our wedding in May 2016. She was great throughout the whole process. She was professional, reliable, and quick to respond to all the emails and phone calls. Her suggestions and advice was really helpful and saved us so much stress and money ultimately. On the day of wedding, she brought 3 additional staff members to help assist with everything. Sherrien and her team was on top of everything and made it so much easy for my husband and I to feel calm, relax and enjoy our big day. Our wedding went perfectly and successfully. We thank Sherrien and her team for all her hard work and consideration in making our wedding day amazing.

Elaine & James' Wedding at Lawry's the Prime Rib


Thank Sherrien and her team for planning, coordinating, and hosting my wedding. Without their hard work, it would be impossible to have this cozy and heart warming wedding for us and our guests. Wonderful team; pay a lot of attention on details. Perfect!!! Again, thank to Sherrien and her teams Sylvia, Doris, and Kylie.

謝謝Sherrien跟她的團隊(Sylvia、Doris、還有Kylie)的細心的planning, coordinating, 還有主持,沒有妳們,Elaine與我的婚禮不可能辦的這麼溫馨與成功,很感謝Sherrien與她的團隊,謝謝!!!!!

Cheers to a Purple Wedding!


Having Sherrien as my wedding MC and her wedding planning team as the coordinators, this is the best decision I've ever made in one of the most important things in my life so far! Me and my wife May could not ever think about who can do the job right on the biggest day with reasonable price, qualify of the work, professionalism, many and many! Sherrien and the wedding planning team had total control of my wedding date, all my guests are impressed with great memories, and this is exactly what we are looking for on such an event. Not only they have the quality to do the job, also they have qualified vendors and referral connections on venues for you to choose. It is amazing how we picked the venue through Sherrien's help. So put it all together, we had a wonderful and beautiful wedding done with Sherrien's help. She and the crew is the smartest choice for any wedding events!

Best Wedding Kiss Ever!


We decided to hire Twogether events as our wedding planner from all the recommendation we received and it was the best decision we've made. Everything went absolutely according to plan and all of our guests had nothing but praise to say about how elegant and beautiful the wedding was. Twogether have our 100% approval and recommendation! Thank you for your team's professionalism and hard work, we are very satisfied!

Romantic Garden Wedding at Westlake Village Inn


It was the best decision to hire Sherrien as our wedding planner. She is very professional and experienced on all wedding stuff. We basically asked her everything about how to prepare a wedding, and she always response ASAP and provide valuable suggestions. And she helped a lot when we book the vendors. You can tell Sherrien really cared about her customers.

And our wedding turned out just perfect. We got a lot compliment from our guests and one of the guests signed a contract with Sherrien after our wedding! I will absolutely recommend Sherrien and Twogether events to all the couples who want a perfect wedding.

Here is our wedding video made by Ailey Artsy.

Angie & Teddy's Post Ceremony Photo


I met Sherrien when I was a groom's men for my cousin's wedding a few years back and decided to go with her for my own wedding for this past weekend since she is fluent in both Chinese and English. Definitely the best decision. My wife and I procrastinated a lot and Sherrien was always there to remind us of the things that needed to be done and kept us organized. Since I work really late, I sometimes didn't get around to working on the wedding until really late at night and was very surprised that she was there for us answering our questions in a very timely fashion. Also since my wife is Korean and I am Chinese, our wedding was packed with cultural components which all went really well and the whole day and night went by without any hiccups. We have received so many compliments from our family and attendees and many were regarding Sherrien's professionalism.

The highlights of working with Sherrien:

  • She officiated the ceremony in both Chinese and English
  • She handled distracting jokes from groomsmen by being able to throw jokes back
  • She got ours...
Beautiful garden setting of outdoor wedding ceremony


All I gotta say is Twogether Events is THE BEST!!! They made my wedding this past Sunday as good as I had dreamed about. I'm an extremely picky person and I did some major research online before I decided upon Twogether Events (their competitors were no match at all...) Well I called up Sherrien and we arranged to meet at a small cafe. From there, I chose their week of wedding coordinating since we were two months away from from our wedding and I pretty much had an idea of what I wanted. Sherrien set me up with Alisha Hung who is this company's gem. We sent emails back and forth and she gave me some ideas, but it wasn't until the last week and half that she really stepped in and got everything moving along. She met with me 3 times total. The first time to go over my wedding timeline, second time for our rehearsals, and the third was when I dropped off my favors and everything else for the wedding. She was EXTREMELY organized and made sure all the vendors were on the same page. So then, wedding day comes and it was perfect!!! Words cannot express how thankful I am to Sherrien our...

Outdoor Wedding on a Bridge


We hired Twogether Events for our recent wedding. We booked Sherrien as our officiant and MC, and she assigned Jessica Su as our "week" of coordinator. They coordinated and handle the entire day from morning tea ceremony, to the Westin, to the wedding ceremony, and the reception/banquet. We had a few hiccups along the way (i.e. a bee/wasp attack, delayed kitchen, etc..), but Twogether Events handled each situation professionally and smoothly. We could not have been any happier. Sherrien's experience showed during the ceremony when she had to remain calm to keep both my wife and I calm during a "little bee incident." Also I would not have ever guessed that Sherrien lost her script (due to excessive heat in her iPad) during the ceremony, because she played it off so well and finish officiating the ceremony perfectly and smoothly. Sherrien made the reception fun and lively. We have been receiving non-stop compliments from our guests about Sherrien's "MC" skills. Even with a delayed kitchen, she kept the guests engaged and entertained that no one noticed the food was delayed....

Bouquet toss


We hired Sherrien for our MC and officiant and Alisha for our month of wedding coordinator. I LOVED THEM!!!!! They are very organized and on top of it! They noticed things that i may need to correct that i did not notice. My wedding day was STRESS FREE because of them!!! I did not worry about anything and everything happened according to the timeline (before the wedding, Alisha will make the wedding timeline for you according to what you want to do during your wedding). The morning of the wedding, I handed Alisha all the wedding favors, guest book and etc. and she took over everything from there, made sure all the vendor arrived and set up on time, she wrapped up everything after the wedding as well. She made sure we ran according to timeline. Sherrien is a very lively person, she brings your spirits up. She is very experienced and she is bilingual. I couldn't be happier. They have different packages depending on how much help you would like. the package we booked is the month of coordination, we booked all the vendors ourselves. A few month before the wedding, Alisha made sure I...