Out of Office Notice (12/6/2013 – 12/16/2013)

Our campus is closed between December 6 and December 16, 2013 due to the attendance of “Love Mexico Destination Wedding Expo.” If you have any question regarding our upcoming class, please just send your email to TheWeddingAcademy (at) gmail (dot) com. We will be check our emails on daily basis.

We will share what we’ve seen and learned from the Expo at our upcoming classes. There will be some great materials for you if you are interested in destination weddings.

Wedding in Cancun (www.2-events.com)

Wedding in Cancun (www.2-events.com)


Day-of Wedding Coordination is a Myth

Many brides call or email us asking for the “Day-of” coordination service. What is it? The TRUTH is it doesn’t exist.Then why do so many brides want it? Where did this term come from? The term was introduced and perpetuated by wedding publications and blogs.

They’ve convinced the bride that they can plan their own wedding and simply bring in a coordinator to handle things for them on the wedding day. Jumping on that bandwagon were newer, inexperienced planners who wanted to build up a portfolio. So along came the $500 “day-of” coordinators.

Let’s break it down, shall we? You can expect your coordinator to work, at the very least, 10 hours on the wedding day. If you hired an established planner, his/her hourly rate is between $50 and $200 an hour. Planners charge different rates based on experience and region. We’ll just base this exercise is on $50 an hour. 

10 Hours x $50 = $1,000

That sounds accurate, right?

Now, let me explain the difference between the Experienced Coordinators and the $500 Coordinators.

EXPERIENCED COORDINATORS: They have been in the wedding business for years and can identify every single problem before the wedding day arrives. Their experience allows them to manage 10 to 15 vendors prior to and on the wedding day. The experienced coordinator is also calm and resourceful, which allows them to problem-solve when things turn bad.They have an extensive vendor list that they can turn to if one your vendors has to be fired and a replacement needs to be found FAST. They have extensive knowledge in floor plans and timelines. Another advantage the experienced planner carries is insurance, which is required by almost all venues. The experienced coordinator can charge anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour for their expertise. On your wedding day, you can expect that your coordinator will work at least 10 to 14 hours.

 $500 COORDINATORS: They are most likely new to the business. Their list of vendors is minimal, if they have one at all. They have very few weddings under their belt, which means they don’t have much experience. Because of that inexperience, they may not be able to direct a large number of vendors requiring their leadership. Their knowledge of contracts and timelines is minimal. They may not have the insurance required by your venue. The “Day-of” planner charges $500.

Here is where it gets interesting. In order to be present at your wedding, your wedding coordinator has to do more than just show up on the wedding day. Why? What’s so hard about just showing up? Let me pose a few questions for you to consider. Humor me, it’s all going to make sense. Here we go:

  • Should your coordinator know who all of your vendors are? Well, of course they should. They would have to spend hours calling each one, introducing themselves to them, discussing their duties, delivery, set-up and start times.
  • Should your coordinator have copies of — and have read — all of your vendor contracts? In order for them to fully understand what each vendor’s scope of work is, delivery and set-up times, and even the amount of hours of service they are providing, they would have to spend hours reading and comprehending these contracts. Without these contracts, they’re not able to create an accurate timeline of your day.
  • Should your coordinator know the physical aspects of your venue? It’s essential. They have to visit your venue prior to the wedding day. Together with you and the venue managers, it’s mandatory that they perform a detailed walk-through includes the vendor’s meal room and the loading area. It’s their job to know your venue like the back of their hand. If they just show up on your day, how do they know where the load-in dock is? How will they direct the vendors on delivery and set-up? Can they tell the DJ or band where the electrical outlets are for their use? By meeting with the venue managers prior to your wedding, they know your floor plan. They would know where there is an extra chair if an unexpected guest arrives. And by the way, they spend time revising and reviewing many versions of your seating chart in order to know that. They definitely will sort your guest list by last-first name alphabetically and by table numbers since the majority of your guests expect the coordinator to help them find their escort cards and seats.
  • Should they make a timeline for your wedding day? ABSOLUTELY. I’ve been planning weddings for over 10 years, and it takes me an average of three hours to draft the perfect timeline. Yup, I’m serious. After the preliminary timeline has been made, the coordinator need to review it and confirm the detailed activities with the bride, groom, their wedding party, all vendors and the venue manager. Then,the coordinator will update all changes and send customized timeline and instruction to your wedding party, ushers, attendants, officiant, venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, rentals, ceremony musicians and DJ. Everyone follows the coordinator’s timeline and directions. Moreover, the coordinators have to be super flexible and be able to adjust it as the day goes on, especially if problems arise.
  • Will your coordinator direct your rehearsal? They absolutely should. The only reason they wouldn’t is if your ceremony takes place at a church. At any other venues, don’t expect the venue manager will coordinate the rehearsal for you… it’s not their job. An experienced coordinator will take their time to send you a ceremony diagram and go over the details with you. My clients and I work together to decide who stands where, who walks in first, last and in between. We also determine if there is a table needed for a memorial, or a unity candle. With preparation, your rehearsal should last only an hour. This ensures you get to dinner on time and start having fun.
  • Who sets up your guestbook, place cards, favors, toasting flutes, framed photos, signage, cake knife and server… and all those special little items you that require attention? Your “day-of” coordinator does. But how do they get them? The experienced coordinators will attend and direct your rehearsal, and gather all these accessories at the rehearsal. They show up on the wedding day setting up all these items. If your coordinator only shows up on the wedding day, how would these items get to your venue during the preparation time? Who is going to bring them? Will the items be delivered on schedule?

We’ve addressed some very important questions and scenarios. We hope it’s much clearer for you to understand what tasks your coordinator must perform prior to your wedding day. Are you still not sure? Let me break down the required tasks and time spent performing those tasks.

  • Contacting your contracted vendors and obtaining their contracts — 3 hours
  • Reading and fully comprehending contracts — 3 hours
  • Venue walk-through — 2 hours
  • Creating and revising a timeline to perfection — 5 hours
  • Assisting you in creating your ceremony order and flow — 1 hour
  • Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner coordination…and gather the accessories — 5 hours
  • Pre-planning with the bride on ceremony lineup, seating chart, floor plans, place setting, etc. — 3 hours
  • Wedding day coordination — 10 to 14 hours (with 1 assistant)
  • Total hours required to PERFORM SUCCESSFULLY on the wedding day: 36 hours

36 hours X $50 = $1,800.00

1 day of assistant for 10 hours x $20 = $200

Total $2,000.00

That’s far more accurate. And we haven’t included the costs for our assistant, our insurance and our overhead costs.

We know that every bride expects her “day-of” coordinator to handle all of the tasks outlined above. When it’s broken down, she is charging you $500 for 36 hours of her time. The $500 does not include the costs of their phone, website, advertising, computer, transportation, fuel costs, paper and printing. After the costs of doing business are accounted for, you are paying them $3.00 an hour. That’s just crazy talk! It’s less than minimum wage. Even employees at McDonald’s make more than $3.00 an hour.

How hard would you work for your boss if he told you he wanted you to perform the tasks of a $50.00 an hour employee, but he’s only going to pay you $3.00 an hour to do it? Eventually you will be tired and disgruntled. So is the $500 coordinator.

A word to “day-of” coordinators out there offering this service: If you are reading this, ask yourself, “Am I not worth more?” Your future is based on the reputation you build with venues and vendors. If you place yourself in a situation ripe for disaster, you place your reputation at risk. Your career will not thrive on bad reviews. For clients and the industry to value you, you must first value yourself. Offering at least “month-of” services, and charging properly for it, allows you to perform a thorough job for your clients, and it raises the level of professionalism in the industry.

A word to brides who want a “day-of” coordinator: Be careful, you may get what you pay for. We’ve actually received calls from brides who thought we were too expensive. They have called us after their wedding to say, “I should have listened.” By then, it’s too late. You only get one opportunity to do it right. Don’t put the success of your wedding day in the hands of the $5-an-hour wedding coordinator. If you aren’t paying them what they are worth, the odds are they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Celebrity Wedding Planner - Sherrien Shui

Celebrity Wedding Planner – Sherrien Shui

Who are certified wedding consultants?

What’s your 2014 new year resolution? The economy is so unpredictable and the job market isn’t really secure. Why not learn a new skill and become a wedding consultant?
The Wedding Consultant Certificate is not limited to wedding planners and coordinators only.  If you are florists, designers, photographers, videographers, bridal stylists, catering sales…, this certificate program also helps you to become more professional and understanding how to communicate with your clients and better market your services. For students who have never working in the wedding industry, our instructors will help you to find out what’s most suitable field for you in the wedding and special event industry.
2014 Spring certificate program begins on January 14, 2014. Sign up now to secure your seat! We received so many inquiries from students in Greek, Italy, Taiwan,Canada, Korea, Mexico, out-of-state (e.g. New York City, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston) who plan to fly over and take our 12 weeks program.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to provide housing assistance and transportation.


Get ready to enroll 2014 Spring Wedding Consultant Certificate Program!

We have received so many inquiries about our next wedding consultant certificate program. After coordinating with several instructors’ busy schedules, we have finally confirmed our dates. The new course will begin on Tuesday, January 14, 2014. It will be held on every Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Twogether Events studio. To enroll the class, all you need to do is to sign up and pay your registration fee at the EventBrite (https://twa2014spring.eventbrite.com) site. Then, simply download the registration form, fill it out and mail to us with your tuition before January 7, 2014.

Our office phone line has been acting strange lately. If you have any question, please call the instructor Sherrien at (626) 826-2890. Thank you.

No English = Yes Problem

We received inquiries about offering our Certificate Program in other foreign languages instead of English. Of course, we have multi-lingual instructors that may cater your needs. However, you must be able to communicate in English in order to become a wedding consultant in the US. Most event venues and service providers are English speaking people. They speak only English and do not speak other foreign languages. Also, you will have to assist your clients in reviewing their contracts and orders, writing instructions to service providers, attendants and wedding party. You might need to contact the fire department, city hall, County Clerk marriage license department. All these legal documents are written in English and not everyone understand your language(s). So if you do not speak, read and write English, we suggest you taking some language courses before you join our program. We love to have you enrolling our program, but for your own benefits, we suggest you sharpen your basic skills before you join us.

2013 Spring Wedding Consultant Students’ Graduation Project – Beach Themed Wedding


2013 Spring Wedding Consultant Students' Graduation Project - Beach Themed Wedding

2013 Spring Wedding Consultant Graduates’ Picture with the owner of Doubletree by Hilton Hotel San Pedro and The Wedding Academy’s Principal Sherrien Shui

Check out our featured Allen Taylor Photography’s remarkable work of our students’ “Beach Themed Wedding Designs”? : http://bit.ly/12oywkU

We are so grateful for your support!

In the past three days, we received so many phone calls and emails from wedding vendors all over Southern California offering to sponsor our final project presentation and networking event. Our list of sponsors from two increased to almost twenty. We are very grateful to have all these quality and talented people supporting us. With your encouragement, everything is possible! Thank you!!!

Allen Taylor Photography

AVL Production

California Wedding Day Magazine

Celebrations Event Productions

Chocolate Delights

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel San Pedro

Eat Cake Cafe

Elegant Wind Waves

John Goolsby of Godfather Films

Grace Catering

Hee Jin Yoon

Irises Designs


Luna Party Rentals

Mikasa Fine Linens

O.C. Brides.com

Quick Photo Booth

Shaka Film Production

The Wedding Guide

Tina Chiou Invitation


Twogether Events

Weddings by DK

333 Graphiques

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

Thank you to all the sponsors that have so generously offered up their services for our 2013 Summer Wedding Networking Mixer next week. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you all at the event!

If any of you have not RSVP’ed to attend the event, please register as soon as possible at http://2013twamixer.eventbrite.com/ . Don’t miss this opportunity to meet some amazing vendors.  Space is limited!

Featured Wedding Professionals:

Presentation Sponsors:

Guest Speaker
John Goolsby, Author of “The Wedding Godfather – Advice You Can’t Refuse

2013 Summer / Wedding Consultant Certificate Program is open for enrollment!

Class Period: July 17, 2013 – October 2, 2013

Class Schedule: Every Wednesday, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Classroom Location: Twogether Events (in Walnut)

Before you start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you friendly, creative, and energetic?
  • Are you level-headed and cool under pressure?
  • Do you enjoy meeting new people and want to use your personal skills and talents to start a new and fun career doing what you love?
  • Do you like the idea of working for yourself, having the freedom to set your own schedule, and taking on as few or as many jobs as you’d like?

If your answers are “YES”, becoming a professional wedding consultant could be a perfect career for you.

Whether you are looking to begin a new and exciting career of independence and gratification, seek or change your employment in the field, or just to earn some extra money in your spare time, training as a wedding consultant can open many opportunities to you.

Who is The Wedding Academy?
The Wedding Academy is the industry leader in education and training for wedding and event professionals. TWA has established an academic network with several wedding and event associations and local communities. Established in 2013 by Sherrien Shui, TWA was founded with the sole purpose of providing wedding consultants an academic career path and confidence for aspiring wedding and social event consultants necessary to enter and excel in the challenging and rewarding field of wedding consulting.

Who is Sherrien Shui?
Sherrien Shui is recognized as one of the Asian American premier wedding planner and a celebrity M.C. at many concerts, large events and weddings. With 20-plus years of experience under the auspices of Twogether Events and Asian American Wedding Professionals Association, her passion for the industry has led her down many paths, including becoming an on-air talent for many regionally syndicated radio television shows.

What does this course offer prospective students?
At The Wedding Academy, we believe the best way for students to learn wedding business is from the actual facetime classroom. Students may attend classes and learn from an established Wedding/Event Planner who has been in business in the local market for a minimum of five years. Our course was designed to give students complete and comprehensive training in all areas of wedding consulting and coordination, with specific emphasis in providing guidance and professional advice to the bride and groom in planning and coordinating their wedding. Our course was designed for students who have the desire to start their own business as a wedding consultant/coordinator; or to enhance their present business.

During the course, we invite wedding professionals and local vendors to our classroom and share their experiences and professional knowledge with our students to help them better understanding how to work and communicate with other professionals prior and on the event day. Besides the lecture, we coordinate one-day tours taking students to view unique wedding venues and bridal shows.

Our classes are 100% participatory, with all students partaking in the researching, planning, designing, and coordinating of recipe components. Aspiring instructors will break into teams to create real weddings for real brides and grooms.

Is there an internship or job placement assistance?
Yes and yes! At most of our classes students are actually require to complete up to 100 hours of internship with selected wedding planners or professionals in order to complete the course and receive their certificates.

With our internship program, students receive hands-on training by the professionals, help with some office work and assist at real weddings/events. It enables students to connect the knowledge and skills they have gained from their academics and apply in a work setting, and get an insider’s look at different employers. Upon graduation, TWA certified graduates are positioned to join an existing business, participate in non-paid internships, receive job placement assistance, or start their own business.

Is there a career consultation program after the completion of certificate?
Yes. We offer a 3-months career consultation to our certified graduates. Our counselors will have a one-on-one talk with certified graduates to determine if they enjoy working in a specific area of interest within the wedding & event planning industry. So we will be able to refer students to people who are able to hire them.

Could you give me more specific details of Certificate Program for Wedding Consultants?
Our Certificate Program for Wedding Consultants requires 36 hours of lecture in classroom and 100 hours of internship with wedding planners or professionals. In this course, our instructors will teach students everything they need to know to start their own successful wedding business. The instructors will invite real engaged couples to classroom and show them how to conduct interviews and create presentations. We’ll cover all aspects of the wedding day, from the wake up calls and the ceremony, to the reception and the after party. Our course also gives detailed information on how to plan wedding activities, such as traditional ceremonies, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners. Students will learn how to structure the entire planning process so that they stay organized and keep track of budgets and deadlines. Our course will also teach students how to register their businesses, and price their jobs, negotiate with vendors, and manage projects and accounts. Students will gain the knowledge and the confidence you need to succeed as a professional wedding consultant.

Are there any class assignments or projects?
Yes, besides reading assignment, students will read bridal magazines, interview wedding vendors and present two presentations during the course.

For the first project, students will meet real brides-to-be and grooms-to-be in class, conduct an interview, prepare a design board based on the information they gathered at the interview, and present the ideas and designs to the couple in class.

The final project is due one month after the end of the course. Based on the assigned topic and partner, students will search, negotiate and communicate with vendors to create their own presentation at our final project day.

How many students are there per class?
We require a minimum 8 students per class and the maximum number per class is 20.

What is the tuition?
The full course tuition, including your e-textbook, online curriculum access, worksheet and contract templates, and certification exam fee is $1,095.00. A non-refundable registration fee of $100 will be added upon enrollment.
We accept cash, personal check, company check, money order and credit card. 5% processing fee may be added for all credit card payments.

Course Outline

  • Duties and Qualifications of Wedding Consultants
  • The Wedding Step-by-Step
  • Role and Scope of Wedding Consultancy
  • Wedding Protocol and Etiquette
  • Wedding Planning Tools & Apps
  • Wedding Budget
  • Wedding Design
  • Guest List and Wedding Stationery
  • Wedding Attire & Aesthetics
  • Planning and Directing the Wedding
  • Create Contracts and Timeline
  • Interfacing with Clients
  • Working with the Wedding Party
  • Working with Wedding Professionals
  • Starting Your Wedding Consultant Business
  • Charging Your Services

Download Enrollment Package

Please download the enrollment package. If you wish to make a payment via Eventbrite, ensure you print the receipt and enclose with your enrollment package and mail them to The Wedding Academy (see mailing address below).

The Wedding Academy
(626) 261-4200
17360 Colima Road, Box# 123
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Eventbrite - 2013 Summer Wedding Consultant Certificate Program