Frequently Asked Questions

How many events of my size and budget have you planned?

We have managed almost 800 weddings in various sizes from exclusive and intimate weddings (20 guests) to large-scale and lavish events (approximately 4,000 guests) with various budgets.

How much is a wedding cost?

Depending on where you get married the cost of your wedding can vary significantly. The average wedding cost based on 150 guests is ranged from $39,600 to $50,700 in Southern California. However, the cost might increase or decrease depend on your choice of vendors and decoration. It is like purchasing a car. Bentley and Ford are both cars, but their price ranges are very different and the performances are different as well. It is best that you let us know what your budget is, and we can work from there.

When should I hire a wedding planner and why do I need one?

If you are planning a limited budget wedding, we suggest that you give yourself enough time to plan the wedding you want (6 to 18 months in advance). It’s better to book your vendors early to secure the rate before it goes up next year. Our Wedding Consultants can negotiate special discounts with each vendor. We can put together a realistic budget for you and also hire skilled people who already are "values". We will plan ahead and prevent over-priced, panic buying! We'll make sure you don't pay those hidden costs on sites and services and avoid the incredible over-time costs by ensuring things run smoothly and on time. Also, if you are creative and crafty, you may D.I.Y. most accessories of your wedding (e.g. invitations, menu cards, favors, centerpieces, and signage.)

Are we required to book only the vendors you recommend?

You have the absolute freedom to hire anyone you prefer. We will only recommend vendors based on our working experience and clients feedback. You may contact our referred vendors directly to negotiate pricing and services. If you mentioned our name to our preferred vendors, some of them will offer you discounts or additional benefits.

What role do you feel I should play?

As the bride, you have the final say in big decisions. Our Wedding Consultants are by your side to advise, organize, create and help you planning with the most unforgettable day of your life. If you are indecisive about certain aspect (e.g. colors, dresses, menu, floor plan, etc.), we will give proper suggestion and guidance. We can be involved as much or as little as you like.

How many weddings do you handle per month? How many staff do you enlist to help, and what are their qualifications?

Because we're so involved in each event, each Wedding Coordinator only schedules one wedding per weekend to ensure each of our clients receive the utmost attention. Our standard package contains one Wedding Coordinator and two Coordinator Assistants. If you have a large number of guests, multiple locations, limited set up time, or complicate set up instruction, we will add additional staff on top of your booked package. All our Wedding Coordinators are certified wedding consultants with a minimum 250 hours of internship and received advanced training before they manage any wedding independently. We believe in the quality of work and not the quantity.

Can I have a friend or relative work as your assistants on my wedding day?

While it is a good way to involve a loved one in your wedding, your friends or relatives will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest, and will end up feeling like “event staff. ” In most cases, your “volunteers” have little experience in the role of event planner. There are many aspects behind the scenes of a wedding that should be left for an experienced coordinator to handle. Also, the location(s) usually gives us a limited set up time. Your friends or relatives often end up feeling overwhelmed as they try to keep on top of everything that must be done to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

How do you handle dicey situations?

Our Wedding Consultants are a third and neutral party; we work for you, to advocate your wishes. We are trained not to get frustrated or emotional or to lose sight of the big picture. We will deal with the sticky situations between your mother and mother-in-law to respect both their wishes. Our Wedding Consultants know how to handle any situation if it arises. However, each person’s unique personality will make her/him solving things in a different way. Some are sympathetic supporters and some drive a hard bargain. We will try our best to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

How often do you expect to meet with me prior to the wedding? How many hours do you work on the event day, and what time will you begin and end?

We offer unlimited phone calls and email consultation once you booked our service. The number of in-person meetings varies by the package you select. However, you may increase the number of meetings by paying hourly rate if needed. We are passionate about our work and understand how much details we have to manage on your wedding day. Our staff will be on your site at least 2 hours prior the ceremony and we stay till the very end of your reception. We will send all your accessories and gifts to your designated location/person, call a cab for any drunken guest, and ensure your rentals are either stored or picked up, and inspect the entire site before we leave.

May I see your client and vendor references? Would you mind if I phoned a few of them?

Of course you may. Our Wedding Consultants may provide you a list of vendor references. You may check our reviews on Yelp. Due to the privacy right of our clients, we will have to contact our clients for their permission in order to release their contact information to you.

How do you charge? Is there a flat rate? Are there add-on? What exactly do the costs entail?

We believe no two couples are identical, so are their weddings. In our experience, most clients prefer to pay a flat rate. So we offer our coordination package with a flat fee. For our full planning, partial planning and destination wedding services, we charge a percentage of the total cost of your wedding. We can also customize your wedding to meet your needs, budget and specifications based on hourly rate. If you have a limited budget, we may offer payment plans to make things easier for you. All costs and add-on are specified on the contract. We do charge traveling fee if your venue is over 50 miles round trip outside of our office based on $1.50 per additional mile. If the venue requires parking fee and/or valet service, you will be billed on the parking fee and tips to valet attendants as well. Vendor’s lunch and dinner are required on most coordination and entertainment services if the length of event is 4 hours or longer. In case your wedding requires additional staff, we will confirm with you before the wedding day. Please set up an appointment with our Wedding Consultant to discuss your wedding services, pricing and budget.

What is your payment policy? Do you accept credit cards?

We accept cash, personal checks, cashier’s check, money order, Chase Quickpay, Paypal, and Venmo. Payments paid within 15 days of wedding date must be in the form of cashier’s check or cash. Customer is responsible for $35.00 returned check fee. Payments more than 30 days overdue will incur interest at rate of 5% interest per month and an additional late fee of $50.00 per month plus any necessary collection costs.

How much of a deposit is required to book your services? When is the final payment due?

In most cases, we require 30% of non-refundable booking deposit to reserve our availability for your wedding. Second payment of 30% is due 90 days prior your wedding. The remaining balance is due 15 days prior wedding. For any out-of-state checks, final payment is due 21 days prior wedding date.