Certificate Program for Wedding Planners


Upcoming Program:        April 26, 2017 – June 28, 2017 (Spring/Summer)

Next Program:                  September 6, 2017 – November 8, 2017 (Fall/ Summer)

Class Schedule:               Every Wednesday, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Length of Program:         12 weeks

Classroom Location:       Twogether Events Studio (in Walnut, CA)

Language:                         English

Whether you are looking to begin a new and exciting career of independence and gratification, seek or change your employment in the field, or just to earn some extra money in your spare time, training as a wedding planner can open many opportunities to you.

At The Wedding Academy, we believe the best way for one to learn wedding business is from the actual face-to-face interactive classroom.You will learn from established Wedding / Special Event Consultants who have been in business in the local market for over ten years.

Our course aren’t just simple courses for wedding planners. You will learn how to start your wedding planning company from scratch and discover all the secrets we use in business. We will give you complete and comprehensive training in all areas of wedding planning and help you develop your packages and pricing, learn critical business skills necessary to run and market your business, and to generate ongoing sales, while still taking care of the needs and expectations of your clients.

During the course, we invite wedding professionals and local vendors to our classroom and share their experiences and professional knowledge with our students to help them better understanding how to work and communicate with other service providers prior and on the wedding day. For an additional fee, you may also participate our venue tours to see unique wedding venues, bridal shows, and menu tasting and wine pairing event.

Our classes are 100% participatory, with all students partaking in the researching, planning, designing, and coordinating of recipe components. Aspiring instructors will break into teams to create real weddings for real brides and grooms.

Is there an internship or job placement assistance?
Yes and yes!  At most of our classes you are required to complete up to 250 hours of internship with wedding planners or professionals of your choice in order to complete the course and receive their certificates.

With our internship program, students receive hands-on training by the professionals, help with some office work and assist at real weddings/events. It enables students to connect the knowledge and skills they have gained from their academics and apply in a work setting, and get an insider’s look at different employers. Upon graduation, TWA certified graduates are positioned to join an existing business, participate in paid or non-paid internships, receive job placement assistance, or start their own business.

Is there a career consultation program after the completion of certificate?
Yes. We offer a 3-months career consultation after you complete the program. Our instructors will have a one-on-one talk with you to determine if you enjoy working in a specific area of interest within the wedding & event industry. So we will be able to refer you to people who are able to hire you or start your own business.

Could you give me more specific details of Certificate Program for Wedding Consultants?
Our Certificate Program for Wedding Planner requires 30 hours of lecture in classroom and 250 hours of internship with wedding planners or professionals. In this course, the instructors will share with you everything you need to know to start your own wedding business. The instructors will invite real engaged couples to classroom and show you how to conduct interviews and create presentations. We’ll cover all aspects of the wedding day, from the ceremony, cocktail reception, to the reception and the after party. Our course can help you prepare to become a wedding planner with courses like Wedding Etiquette, Traditional Ceremonies, Budget Management, Multimedia Marketing, The Home-Based Business, and more. You will gain the knowledge and the confidence you need to succeed as a professional wedding planner.

Are there any class assignments or projects?
Yes, besides reading assignment, you are required to read bridal magazines, interview wedding vendors and prepare presentations, prepare timeline and diagrams during the course.

How many students are there per class?
We require a minimum 6 students per class and the maximum number per class is 16.

Where will this class be held?
Most of time, the classes will be held at Twogether Events studio in Walnut, California. Occasionally, we will meet at our guest speakers’ workplace (e.g. flower shop, catering office, photography studio, rentals company). Those locations are usually within 20 miles of Twogether Events studio.

Course Outline

  • Duties and Qualifications of Wedding Consultants
  • The Wedding Step-by-Step
  • Role and Scope of Wedding Consultancy
  • Wedding Protocol, Etiquette & Traditions
  • Wedding Planning Tools & Apps
  • Wedding Budget
  • Wedding Design & Stationery
  • Creating Guest List and Diagrams
  • Wedding Attire & Aesthetics
  • Logistic Plannings & Coordination
  • Creating Contracts and Timeline
  • Interfacing with Clients
  • Working with the Wedding Party and Professionals
  • Starting Your Wedding Business


The full course tuition, including your textbook, online curriculum access, worksheet and contract templates, wedding coordinator’s emergency pack, and certification exam fee is $1,800. A non-refundable registration fee of $199 will be added upon enrollment.

We accept cash, checks, money order, and Bank of America direct transfer (theweddingacademy@gmail.com).

Registration fee is $199 and is not refundable.

How to enroll?

  • Click to Enroll. It shall lead you to the enrollment page.
  • Follow the instruction to enroll and pay the registration fee.
  • Click the Download Registration Form” button on this page. It shall download the enrollment package.
  • Fill out the information and mail it with your tuition and reference letters to The Wedding Academy a week prior the first day of class.
  • Set up a Gmail account, so we will be able to share the lecture slides via Google Drive.
  • Set up a Facebook account for submitting your assignments.
  • The instructor will send you an email a week prior the first day of class to confirm the class meeting date/time/location.

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