Sherrien, the "Wedding Godmother" is one of the leading wedding & entertaining experts in California. With a background in art, entertainment, floral design, restaurant management, and real estate, she loves to challenge herself with new ideas and projects. She inspires, mentors and shares her wealth of experience through numerous speaking engagements, seminars, press interviews and consulting assignments. Before she worked in the wedding industry, Sherrien was working as a corporate event planner and a radio DJ at AM-1600. She also hosted and managed concerts for many well-known Chinese celebrities. In January, 2001, Sherrien was invited to sing at a wedding for her radio fan. Coincidentally, the movie "Wedding Planner" was released. She was inspired by the film, decided pursuing her dream, and focusing on doing what she loves the most – weddings and happy occasions. Enter – Twogether Events.

My favorite color is...

  • rainbow

When not working I enjoy...

  • traveling
  • helping charities
  • taking my dogs to dog parks
  • relaxing at day spas

3 things I can't live without...

  • passion
  • music
  • LumiSpa

3 things on my bucket list...

  • film my own music video
  • travel across Europe
  • open a dog resort