Who are certified wedding consultants?

What’s your 2014 new year resolution? The economy is so unpredictable and the job market isn’t really secure. Why not learn a new skill and become a wedding consultant?
The Wedding Consultant Certificate is not limited to wedding planners and coordinators only.  If you are florists, designers, photographers, videographers, bridal stylists, catering sales…, this certificate program also helps you to become more professional and understanding how to communicate with your clients and better market your services. For students who have never working in the wedding industry, our instructors will help you to find out what’s most suitable field for you in the wedding and special event industry.
2014 Spring certificate program begins on January 14, 2014. Sign up now to secure your seat! We received so many inquiries from students in Greek, Italy, Taiwan,Canada, Korea, Mexico, out-of-state (e.g. New York City, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston) who plan to fly over and take our 12 weeks program.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to provide housing assistance and transportation.

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