No English = Yes Problem

We received inquiries about offering our Certificate Program in other foreign languages instead of English. Of course, we have multi-lingual instructors that may cater your needs. However, you must be able to communicate in English in order to become a wedding consultant in the US. Most event venues and service providers are English speaking people. They speak only English and do not speak other foreign languages. Also, you will have to assist your clients in reviewing their contracts and orders, writing instructions to service providers, attendants and wedding party. You might need to contact the fire department, city hall, County Clerk marriage license department. All these legal documents are written in English and not everyone understand your language(s). So if you do not speak, read and write English, we suggest you taking some language courses before you join our program. We love to have you enrolling our program, but for your own benefits, we suggest you sharpen your basic skills before you join us.


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