Let’s Have Fun & Eat “Wedding” Cake!

Choosing a cake vendor was one of the most exciting and easy wedding tasks. In order to make sure our wedding consultant students know how to work with wedding cake specialist, we coordinated this delicious and fun event with “ Eat Cake Cafe.” We invited brides-to-be and grooms-to-be along with other wedding service providers joining us.


The evening started of with our Principal, Sherrien Shui sharing different set up of reception floor plans and dimensions. While the students were busy learning the in & outs of the wedding business, Eat Cake Cafe’s staff brought out cake samples and their managers Tricia and Liz explained how the cake cutting process goes. (For the brides and grooms who are unsure of how to properly cut a tiered cake). Many thanks to Eat Cake Cafe for providing us with the scrumptious samples! Our wedding consultant students had the opportunity to choose from many different flavors such as mango passion fruit, chocolate raspberry matcha green tea, raspberry, and lemon. They were not only delicious, beautiful but also very affordable! While everyone was mingling & enjoying the yummy cakes, Twogether Event’s wedding planners went around offering free advice to the newly engaged couples. Towards the end of the evening, Eat Cake Cafe raffled off two beautiful cakes to the attendees. Congratulations to Candace & Eddie and Rachel & Dave for going home with one of their delicious treats. We would like to thank Eat Cake Cafe for hosting this mouth watering event.  And many thanks to Irises Design for showing us how florist decorate wedding cake. We all had a wonderful time~


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